Port of Nordfjordeid

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The Volva Walk

Photo: SteinArt THE VOLVA WALK Old City Centre “Tverrgata” (The old Sea Road) START:You can walk from the port. Follow the horse shoe prints to the old main street Eidsgata. Half way and in the heart of the street you will see a coffee shop with a tower above the entrance. Here you can make … Read more


Photo: SteinArt EIDSGATA Eidsgata brings you from the quay to the church of Eid (Eid Kyrkje).  The pittoresque old street with the white, wooden houses, takes you into a charming and intesting area of Nordfjordeid. Here you find shops, cafeterias, restaurant, bar,  hair-dressers, Kulturhuset Gamlebanken with art exhibitions and tourist information.  Close by you find … Read more

Hiking 1-5 hours

Photo: © Sverre Hjørnevik Hiking 1-5 hours Nordfjord is situated between the largest mainland glacier in Europe and Norway`s wildest coast at the western cape, with spectacular mountains and valleys, rolling farmland and a dramatic coast line. Here, you are never far away from great, accessible travel experiences. Nordfjord is Norway at its highest, wildest, … Read more

Kulturhuset Gamlebanken

Photo: © SteinArt Kulturhuset Gamlebanken Located in the old street Eidsgata, you will find the beautiful Kulturhuset Gamlebanken. It was at one time the bank of Nordfjord (Nordfjord Sparebank) and dating back to the year 1881. At present, it is a house full of exciting activities, such as an art exhibit, pop-up concerts, the Malakoff … Read more


Photo: © SteinArt Malakoff Only five minutes easy walk from the seawalk pier you find the beautiful park Malakoff close to Eidselva (the salmonriver of Eid). This was the location of Norway´s first military training camp established in 1628.  As many as 1500-2000 young men then came to Nordfjordeid during the month of June in … Read more


Photo: © SteinArt Klemmekroken Give your loved ones a hug at a special and h humoristisk place at Eidsgata in Nordfjordeid. Look for a bench called the Klemmekroken, and please try it. Merely sitting on the bench encourages hugs and kindnes.   Thousands of visitors over the years have visited our Klemmekroken or  “Hugging-Bench”.  Even … Read more

Eid Kyrkje

Photo: © SteinArt Eid Kyrkje The church in Eid (Eid Kyrkje) is a majestic wooden church,  dating back to the year 1849. You will find the church opposite the Sagastad Centre, and it is located close to the Eidsgata. The church was originally built for 900 persons. Today´s capacity is 750 persons.The church has beautiful … Read more

Norsk Fjordhestsenter

Photo: Norsk Fjordhestsenter Norsk Fjordhestsenter Norwegian Fjord Horse Center – the national center for the native Norwegian horse. The Fjord Horse – a native icon. The Norwegian fjord horse is a Norwegian breed with deep roots in the Nordfjord region and the western part of Norway.  The horse is one of the world’s oldest horse … Read more

The Operahouse

Photo: Øystein Torheim THE OPERAHOUSE The Operahouse Nordfjord (Operahuset Nordfjord) is the second operahouse built in Norway. It was opened in 2009. Why build an operahouse in a small town like Nordfjordeid ? The 6000 inhabitants in the municipality of Eid are focused on the values of culture. They strongly wanted a concert hall with … Read more

Stokkenes Golfpark

Photo: Visit Nordfjord STokkenes Golfpark A group of local golfers are eager to present their 9 hole golf course to visitors. The golf course is only 1 km away, or 3 minutes by car,  from the seawalk pier and is located close to the famous salmon river the Eidselva. The golf course is operated all … Read more

The Sagaparken and the Vikingparken

Photo: © SteinArt The Sagaparken and the Vikingparken Visit Nordfjordeid’s nice parks. Both the Sagaparken, with its own beach at the fjord, and the Vikingparken at Rundehågjen, the Royal burial mound, are modern pleasant parks with lots of space for meditation, fun and relaxation.. The people of Eid love their fjord view, as in Sagaparken … Read more

Sagastad, Sagaløypa, gravhaugane

Illustration: Arkikon SAGASTAD, SAGA TRAIL AND THE BURIAL MOUNDS The Sagastad Centre opened in May 2019 and it presents a full-size replica of  Myklebustskipet,  along with a modern presentation of all the important Myklebust findings. Here you will find some of the world´s most spectacular treasures from the Viking Age. The centre presents the story … Read more