Port of Nordfjordeid

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Cruiseday Nordfjordeid

Nestled peacefully at the end of one of Norway’s most beautiful waterways, Nordfjordeid is a picturesque, hidden gem. 

Wander the old centre of town to find white-painted buildings brimming with cafés, restaurants, bakeries and shops, or discover unique architecture at the modern opera house or the 19th century Eid Church – home to spectacular carvings and intricate paintings. At the Sagastad Viking heritage centre you can interact with fascinating exhibits and step aboard the Myklebust, an authentic 100-foot-long replica ship based on the remains of one of the largest Viking ships ever unearthed. Visiting in the summer? Why not relax in the lush Saga Park which has its own beach by the fjord?

Despite Nordfjordeid’s sleepy charm, this small village is big on adventure. Connect with the marine environment on a kayaking tour, go fishing for huge monkfish, wolf fish and mackerel, or ride a Fjord horse – one of the world’s oldest pure breeds. The surrounding emerald hillsides transform into towering mountains, and hikes in the immediate area reveal spellbinding views. Who knows, if you head up here you might even encounter the mythical Huldra – a seductive, sometimes dangerous forest creature who takes the form of a beautiful woman with a cow’s tail. If she doesn’t appear to mesmerise you, the spectacular vistas certainly will.

Meet real vikings!
Explore the old town

During cruise days Nordfjordeid transforms from a quiet town, to a town full of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Top experiences in Nordfjordeid


Sagastad is a new knowledge centre dedicated to the Viking Age. Walk on board the 30m long Myklebust Ship; The largest Viking longship ever discovered in Norway. The number one cruise day attraction in Nordfjordeid, suitable for the entire family. Explore the viking saga!

Viking Warrior Climbing

Become a true viking! Suitable for children under 12. In the viking room it is possible to climb on all elements and you can test your balance, strength, and focus. In addition, it’s a great arena for families. And yes, all elements can be tested by the parents.


Visit Nordfjords gallery with a art exibition from local artists, and a art shop featuring locally handcrafted artpieces. The old restored bank building is brimming with art divided into two stories. Here you will also find the tourist information for Nordfjordeid from the middle of June to August.

Malakoff - Drill square

Visit the oldest military drill square in Norway, over 300 years old it served as the training grounds for soldiers, and is the home of the statue "The greiving mother" build after WWII to pay tribute to all mothers who lost their children during the war.

The Fjord Horse Center

The Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre is a national resource centre for Norway’s national symbol: the Fjord horse.
Nordfjordeid is known as the "Mecca" of Fjord horses. Visit the centre today to meet the amazing creatures with links to Nordfjordeids rich viking history and herritage.
Fjord horse

The Eid Church

Built in 1849, visit the incredible Eid Church. A parish church with a rich history. Full of incredible artwork, a must visit as part of your visit to Nordfjordeid. Learn about the transition from a viking pagen society to a protestant christian society.

The Opera House

Visit the second of only two Opera Houses in Norway! Home to Opera Nordfjord people travel from all over the country to experience the exclusive shows in the Nordfjord Opera House. A must visit during your time in Nordfjordeid.

The grave mound

The grave mound of the fallen viking kings of Nordfjordeid. King Audbjørn of the fjords, Valka the spirit woman, and of course the final resting ground of the Myklebustship, the largest ever discovered in Norway. The grave mound is located next to the street.

Walks in Nordfjordeid

The Völva Walk

Walk in the invisible footsteps of the magical Völvas. The street will lead you to the Viking burial mound “Skjoratippen”, where powerful Viking women are buried. One of the relics found in this grave includes a Volva’s magic wand, suggesting a powerful Volva was buried here.

The Saga Walk

Join us on a walk on real Viking ground. The Nordfjord region was one of the richest and most important areas during the Viking Age. This is where the action took place, where they lived and loved, had joys and sorrows, and returned to from their many journeys.

Activities in Nordfjordeid

Explore a virtual viking world

The Sagastad VR experience takes you 1000 years back in time, experience the viking age as if you are actually there! Using VR technology you can interact with a digital recreation of Nordfjordeid during the viking age. A must have experience during your visit.

Fjord horse bathing

During cruise days you can experience the fjord horses bathing in the river of Eid. Within walking distance from the pier, in fact it is so close you might spot them from the observation deck of your cruise ship! This is a unique sighting, one you will not want to miss.
fjord horse

Golf in the fjords

The NorGolf club offers spectacular golfing at its 9 hole golf course, close to the salmon river (Eid river) and the town it is within walking distance of the pier, a perfect quite retreat from the town center for the whole family. Can you get a hole in 1?

Ride the fjord horse

Experience the fjord horse up close, a once in a lifetime experience. You can join our organised riding trip up to Vårsetra and Utsikten. Our guides are walking together with you and will help you if you need any assistance. For everybody able to sit in sadle. Min age 9 years. Maximum 6 persons per group.
fjord horse

Swim in the fjord

The Sagapark located on 5min walking distance from the pier offers quick access to the fjord for the entire family. Located next to the Sagastad viking center it is the perfect area to relax and enjoy Nordfjordeid during your visit to our town.

Enjoy life

The old town streets offer a wide selection of cafes, restaurants and unique gift shops offering exclusive producs found only in Nordfjordeid. Visitors can spend hours getting lost in everything on offer here. A must visit during your stay.

The Eid Street

The Bakery🥖

At Minibakeriet bakery in the centre of Eid, you can get tasty bakery products, giant open sandwiches and other local goodies. Minibakeriet is located in a pedestrian street and is a magnet for everyone who appreciates good bakery products combined with seeing, smelling and absorbing the good local food atmosphere with a hint of the continent.
local food


The streets goldsmith offers a wide selection of exclusive high quality products you will only find in Nordfjordeid. Local designs inspired by vikings and nature, you are guaranteed to find the perfect local souvenir here! Perhaps you even find the perfect wedding ring?

Eid Miljø🧶

In our local yarn store you can find high quality locally sourced yarn from the Norwegian fjords. Find the perfect gift for a relative, or be inspired to create your own unique piece of clothing. You can find Eid Miljø in the town street, bring back some yarn to knit back on the ship to enjoy the rest of your journey.


COCO located in the center of the old town street offers fresh food, and incredible cofee roasted and ground freshly on site. COCO also offers haircuts, perhaps you can get a viking makeover? Grab some fresh cakes or baguettes and enjoy them outside in the street.
local food


The shop with the weird and wonderful! The shop is part of a 105 year old family business and are specialists at wool products for all seasons from the Norwegian brand Janus. You will also find Norwegian jumpers, and other clothes with in house designs.

The cuddle corner❤️

The most popular photo opportunity in the old street is without doubt the hugging corner (klemmekroken). Bring a date our a friend, everyone is welcome to use the bench! There is always a great atmosphere in this area of Nordfjordeid, it the bench is located directly next to the bakery, so you will experience the amazing smells of fresh food also.

Primula Design 🧵

The smallest shop in the street, but with the biggest charm. Perhaps it is here you will find your best travel memory? Primula offers exclusive gift items, fabrics, handbags and other locally handmade products. Unique fashion products, and the perfect items to elevate your interior design.

The shoemaker 👞

Only a short walk from the pier you will find Nordfjordeids very own shoemaker. Here you will be able to purchase unique footwear found nowhere else. Have you damaged your hiking shoes during a excursion? The shoemaker can easily repair it as if it was brand new from the store.


Didriks is situated in the old clock tower of Nordfjordeid. One of the oldest and most fashionable buildings in town. Get cofee, a milkshake or icecream to enjoy your summer visit, and find an incredible variety of beagles and other fresh produce to enjoy during your stay in Nordfjordeid.
local food
Perhaps you will even find a Viking during your adventure in Nordfjordeid?


Just a 5 minute walk from the pier, on the way to Sagastad and the park you will find Alti Nordfjord; the modern shopping mall located between the fjord and the old village street. Here you will find a good selection of clothing, international brands, local brands such as Frislid and Skogstad. Alti Nordfjord offers a cage, with the option to sit outside by the fjord, a pharmacy, minibank, wine and liquer store, toys, gifts and food, all under one single roof.


Since 1937 Skogstad has made attractive sports - and casual clothing for the whole family. We are strongly focused on the environment, ethics, design, quality, and functionality for a reasonable price. Our vision is to be the best in our area and enable people to enjoy their time and outdoors knowing that their clothing will last for generations. The family owned business from the humble origins in Innvik, has been going on non-stop for 85 years, the proud legacy we will continue to give for future generations.

Frislid 🕴️

Frislid Konfeksjon has a long and proud history. Since Alf Frislid established the company in 1946, we’ve been dressing style consius men in Norway and Scandinavia. Going from Alf Frislid travelling around on a bike, measuring men in their homes – making true tailored suits, till todays hightec production around Europe – always with the focus on old fashion craftmanship and tailoring tradition. Frislid is an all Norwegian brand established along one of the many beautiful fjords in western Norway. Producing uniqe Nordic garments, out of the most exclusive European fabrics, for more than 70 years. This has made Frislid one of the most influential brands in Northen Europe – and an obvious choice in Norway.


Behind each local food product we find a story and a proud local craftsman. For us at COOP it is important to tell those amazing stories. The COOP store in ALTI offers a fantastic selection of local Norwegian food products from the fjords around Nordfjordeid.
Viking sausages? Juice from berries grown along the fjord valley? Here you will find unique high quality food that can only be purchased in Nordfjordeid. COOP is proud to be a sales channel for such fantastic local products.

Sjøkanten Cafe🎂

At Sjøkanten you can get warmfood, sandwitches, lunch and dinner served all in one place. In addition you can experience the amazing view of the fjord. Located in the center of the ALTI shopping centre you will be within short walking distance of both the Sagastad viking center, the park and all the shops located in ALTI. Sjøkanten offers the perfect dining experience either for a short stop to stop your hunger, or for a longer meal while you enjoy the town life, and spectacular view of the fjord and even the ship is within view when you sit here! It is possible to sit inside, or outside depending on the weather, and the cafe is suitable for visitors of all ages, with changing facilities for babies and any other needs can be met. Welcome to Sjøkanten!