Port of Nordfjordeid

Foto: © SteinArt

Cruiseday Nordfjordeid

Nordfjordeid is a modern, small town with  public services and facilities available, such as a post office, banks, police, doctors, hospital, dentist, a shopping street and more. It is all centrally located within a 20 minute walk from the seawalk pier.

The town is surrounded by greenery and parks, a beach, the salmon river and a golf course. You may try hiking, biking, salmonspotting or golfing.

The old street with wooden, small houses, invites to interesting shopping, art exhibition, coffee shops, restaurants, cafeterias, bakery and bars. You find the mall at the seaside next to Sagastad Center. The beautiful church from 1849 is open, and you may even visit the Operahouse.

The main attraction in Nordfjordeid is the Sagastad Centre housing the replica of the Myklebustskipet, which is the largest known vikingship in Norway. It is 100 feet long, and dates back to about the year 800. The viking ship was the ship of the king of the fjords, King Audbjørn. We believe he died in a battle in 876 and was burned in his ship along with his belongings and animals. The burial mound is a 5 minute walk from the seawalk pier, and it was excavated for the first time in 1874. It reveals more than 1000 years of history.

The full size replica, built by local craftsmen, is displayed at Sagastad, which is a viking  knowledge and activity centre. 

Nordfjordeid is known as the hometown of a Norwegian icon, the Fjord Horse. The Fjord Horse Centre in Nordfjordeid invites visitors to a guided information tour.  A horse and carriage trip will soon be available to tour our charming old streets, to see the burial mounds and the church, all on your way to the Sagastad Centre and to the beach.

Whenever cruiseships arrives to Nordfjordeid, this charming town will welcome you with all its heart for you to enjoy your Cruise Day. 

About 50 shops and 10 restaurants are eager to welcome visitors for good shopping and bargains. Perhaps the golden souvenir to bring home from the fjord-cruise is to be found in Nordfjordeid ? Look out for made in nordfjordeid.

The Church in Eid dates back to 1849, and  is well known for its good acoustics and spectacular carvings and rose painting. On most of the Cruise days, visitors are invited to attend a church concert in the afternoon, by local musicians.