Port of Nordfjordeid


Foto: Øystein Torheim

This procedure is “norm”for the maritime operation of cruiseship in Port of Nordfjordeid.  Conditions my vary, causing minor deviations from the “standard” at the captains discretion.

  • SeaWalk pier 1 (SWN 1) of Nordfjordeid is designed to berth one cruise ship, providing safe haven for the ship between two mooring buoys and landing of passengers and crew on foot. SeaWalk can also provide service for light vehicles.
  • SeaWalk can serve ships up to 350 m., carrying up to 6000 passengers.
  • The ship has to be moored with bow towards the shore on a course of 111deg.
  • The procedures starts with the SeaWalk in folded mode in the storage position as the ship steaming towards the pier.
  • Ship following an east-bound mooring procedure will heads in between the mooring buoys from west passing the outer buoy on starboard side of the ship, heading 111 deg when in moored position. Normally this requires minimum use of maneuvering power creating minimal wash from the bow thrusters or from the main engine. A line boat delivered from the port is required to assists the ship with connecting the mooring lines to the buoys.
  • While the ship is manouvering, the SeaWalk crew prepare the SeaWalk for operation, waiting for the captains permission to come along side the ship.
  • When the ship is securely tied up between the mooring boys and the ship is ready to receive the SeaWalk, the crew operates the SeaWalk trusters and propells the SeaWalk to the ships side, next to the relevant ships door.
  • The SeaWalk is now moored to the ships side using mooring ropes between the panama boulards at the ships side and the hand operated winches at the SeaWalk.
  • The gangway is delivered from the ships doors on to the SeaWalk’s deck, and the passengers can now walk ashore via the SeaWalk.
  • After the ships call, when all passengers and crew is back on board and the ship is ready to depart, the SeaWalk is unmoored and propelled back to it’s storage position.
  • Finally the cruise ship releases the moorings from the buoys, assisted by the line boat, and the ship uses its engines to maneuver out of the berthing position, back to the sea.