Port of Nordfjordeid

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Tel.: +47 917 95 300
E-mail: eid@nordfjordcruises.no
Security: ISPS – Code implemented for Port and Port facility. Nordfjordeid Cruisehavn/NONFD-0001
Local time: UTC +1, summer time UTC +2.
Local Pilot Station: Kvitsøy Pilot station +47 517 35 397


Pre-arrival information: Available in Safe Sea Net. Please send by e-mail to: eid@nordfjordcruises.no if not in SSN;


1. Ship Pre Arrival information
2. Pax list
3. Crew list
4. Embarking/Disembarking manifest
5. Visitor list
6. Cargo manifest (loading/unloading)

Berths: The SeaWalk

The SeaWalk is approx. 220 m long and 4,2- m wide steel, ADA compliant construction, floating on 8 wave damping pontoons with a capacity of more than 4000 passengers per hour and can carry a passenger load of more than 300 tons. SeaWalk consists of 3 bridges, two link pontoons and the hinged landing section. The bridges are 72 meters long. The walkway is approx. 210 cm above sea level and the railings are 110 cm high.

Tugs: Not compulsory.
Harbour Pilot: Not compulsory.
Mooring boat: Available.