Port of Nordfjordeid


Version 1.1 18052017



The seawalk cruiseship pier Nordfjordeid is managed by the company SeaWalk Nordfjord AS.

The SeaWalk

The SeaWalk is approx. 220 m long and 4,2- m wide steel, ADA compliant construction, floating on 8 wave damping pontoons with a capacity of more than 4000 passengers per hour and can carry a passenger load of more than 300 tons.  SeaWalk consists of 3 bridges, two link pontoons and the hinged landing section.  The bridges are 72 meters long. The walkway is approx. 210 cm above sea level and the railings are 110 cm high.

Shipside-bridge, meant to cover two of the ship doors, is moored to ship’s side by ropes with six 10t mooring bollards and manual operated winches.  When moored the distance between the ship side and walkway is approx. 2,6 meters. Rails are removable to allow ships gangways. Ship have to use own gangways.

SeaWalk can be folded in for storage when not in operation. SeaWalk is operated by two hydraulic thrusters, located on the ship side bridge and powered by a diesel engine, controlled from a remote unit.

The SeaWalk is constructed to move with the ship in the moorings, in various weather conditions. This patented system is referred as “Soft edge” technology.

The ships moorings

The ship will be moored between two buoys with the bow towards the shore.  That means bow to east and aft to west.

Each of the buoys has two anchor chains with approx. 45 deg. spread.  The mooring course is about 111 deg. The distance between east buoy and the shore is approx. 100 m. The distance between the buoys is approx. 390 m.

Each anchor is dimensioned for a 300t load. 

Ships bow and stern mooring lines must be equally tightened and we recommend lead through the centralized fairlead (halegatt) if possible, to multiple brake load.

We recommended pre-tension on the mooring lines, with e.g. 4 lines – set to ca 20 tons.

NB: max load on un-even tightened moorings is the brake load on a single line.

Question or advice to
T: +47 91 79 53 00
E: eid@nordfjordcruises.no

Vital limitations for mooring of SeaWalk, NOT to be exceeded:

Please be aware that exceeding the limits can endanger the operation or may cause mechanical damage to the infrastructure.

Distance from the east buoy to ships’ bow shall normally not exceed 40 m. See fig.


In the planning phase normal communication with the port is to Port Agent or Mooring Manager VHF channels 16 and 12 is mandatory for ships and boats to guard. 

Port control C/S is Port Agent.. SeaWalk crew C/S is “SeaWalk Manager».


Pre call procedures

The “Operating procedures for SeaWalk Nordfjord cruise ship berth” shall be known to the captain in due time before the call.  The following to be identified in cooperation with the port:

a) Length of mooring lines,  

b) What ship doors to be used, and their distance from bow and from the shore.

c) Which ship side bollards to be used, 

d) Most favourable position to place the SeaWalk at ships side,

e) Ship gangway length

All information to be communicated via the ships agent minimum 24 hours prior to arrival.

Mooring of the ship

The ship has to be moored with bow towards the shore on a course of 111 deg.

The Port Captain will lead the mooring operation in cooperation with the pilots. The line boats, one at each end, is available to receive mooring lines. 

Positions; Buoy West – N61o54.398 E005o58.762. Buoy East; N61o54.322  E005o59.171.

Mooring of the SeaWalk

During the mooring of the ship the SeaWalk will be fully manned but in folded mode away from the ships manoeuvring area. SeaWalk will wait for captains’ permission to go along side the ship after he has verified and confirmed the distance from the bow to the shore.

By mooring the SeaWalk, and for the crew to reach the shipside bollards, “line sticks” is used to reach and return the lines to be tightened and fastened to bollards on the SeaWalk. Gangways will be lowered and secured accordingly and SeaWalk is ready to receive passengers.

Safety readiness levels

SeaWalk is constantly guarded by the crew during the call.

Green safety level: normal procedures – SeaWalk is ready to operate within minutes. 

Red level: SeaWalk is unmoored, passengers evacuated by walking ashore, ship leaves the moorings. If severe problems with the moorings occur, red level is established accordingly.

The local weather

The normal weather in Nordfjordeid is calm condition, but can change. Weather conditions must constantly be evaluated by ship captain, pilots, port and SeaWalk crew. Under some conditions the weather can change rapidly.

Post call routines, to gain experience

This is a document to be constantly updated by Port manager; Nordfjord Service Terminal AS Please help us improve the total service by sharing with us your experiences.