Port of Nordfjordeid

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WORLD CLASS Excursions

Breathaking views

Port of Nordfjordeid is within close range of many of Norways top attractions. 


Loen Skylift – a spectacular new attraction and adventure arena. Loen Skylift will lift you from the fjord to 1011 m. Enjoy the spectacular views of the fjord landscape from the restaurant table, or while hiking in the mountains.

Roundtrip 4 hours - 1 hour drive from the port

This excursion can be done in several shifts. Possibilities to ad different hikes at Mt. Hoven, and lunch or refreshments at Hoven Restaurant.


The magnificent Briksdal Glacier forms part of the Jostedal Glacier National Park, and plunges 1200 metres to the lush, narrow Briksdal valley below – a sight that attracts 300,000 visitors from all over the world each year.

Roundtrip 5-6 hours - 2 hour drive from the port

At arrival Briksdal you can either walk the 3 km up to the glacier or you can buy a ticket with one of the “Troll Cars” that will take you there.


From one wonderful fjord to another, experience the beauty and splendour of a part of Norway you do not want to miss. The Geirangerfjord is inscribed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List.

Roundtrip 5-8 hours - 2 hour drive from the port

With an open high-speed RIB-vessel you will get even closer to this wonderful nature than you thought was possible.

Excursions for all seasons

Nordfjordeid offers activates both during the summer and winter

Experience history

One of the oldest buildings in Nordfjordeid.

Coastal magic

West of Nordfjordeid you can experience a vast amount of hidden gems, incredible nature and history.

The Viking Destination

Nordfjordeid is the home of the vikings, visit the Sagastad Viking Center.

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Sagastad Viking Center - Only a 10min walk from the pier is the home of the Myklebustship. The largest viking ship ever discovered in Norway. At Sagastad you can board the ship, feel it, touch it, smell it.

The Myklebustship is 30 meters long, 6.5 meters wide and weighs roughly 40 tons. A magnificent sight .


Visitors at Sagastad get to learn about the Cheiftain of the area during the viking age. See 3D models of viking artifacts, learn about rituals, the journeys made and much more. Suitable for all ages.

Test what you have learned about the vikings from the area in the exhibition on a giant quiz touch screen.


Visitors can also experience a unique virtual reality game in the Viking Center. Travel 1000 years back in time, to visit Nordfjordeid as it looked during the viking era. You can even test your archery skills.

Using modern technology you can truly immerse yourself in how the Vikings lived.

The Fjord horse

The horse of the vikings

The Fjord Horse Center

You can join our organised riding trip up to Vårsetra and Utsikten. Our guides are walking together with you and will help you if you need any assistance. For everybody able to sit in sadle. Min age 9 years.

Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre, established in 1989 — is the national center for the native Norwegian horse breed: The Fjord Horse, and it is no accident that it is situated at Nordfjordeid, which has been named “The Mecca of the Fjord Horse” — an area with long fjord horse traditions.

During your visit to the horse center, the fjord horses will be thoroughly presented to you. You will get a tour of the center, you will be presented to the stallions, the females with their foals, you will get a historic presentation of the breed.
Experience the fjords


View the village of Nordfjordeid from a new perspective, on a high-speed rib adventure

The excitement begins the moment you meet your Captain, who will introduce you to your rigid inflatable boat (RIB), provide you with a safety briefing and kit you out with your special survival suit. Then it’s time to take your seat and let the activity commence.

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