Port of Nordfjordeid

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Gigantic viking ship
in Nordfjordeid

Boat builders from the Bjørkedalen have been building boats out of local timber for generations.

Three brothers, all sons of the famous boat builder Sigurd Bjørkedal, and three others from the same village, have made history. They have built a replica of the largest known viking ship in Norway, called the Myklebustskipet. It measures 30 meters.

The project has been progressing well and in accordance with the plans since its inception, which was in the fall of 2016. The ship was launched into the fjord at April 27th 2019, and the Sagastad Centre was officially opened at May 10th. 2019.

Visitors at the building site, which is close to the Eidsfjorden, could in the fall of 2016 see the keel “trekking“ and the first «strakes» It looked like a canoe the North American Natives used.

At the beginning of February 2018 nearly all the “strakes” are ready in its full width and height.

Thirty so-called “renge”, “ror spuns”?  strengthen the ship’s frame. Some of these are five meters long.

There are no materials measurements less than 6 inches . The wooden nails and bolts make the construction strong enough even to support a skyscraper. The boat builders guarantee that this ship can survive any kind of storm or trashing.The ship is as durable as a mountain, and nothing will present as a threat to this ship.

The building of the ship has been heavy work for these local viking ship builders.
Mr Saxe Bjørkedal, aged 92 years old (born in 1926), made the drawings for the boat’s construction. When he visits the building site, there is much discussions before conclusions are made on the next step in construction. We wish them all the best of luck.

The builders can now finally envision that they have succeeded in rebuilding this gigantic ship.  It is being built to last for generations to come. People will then be able to view the “burned” ship as a replica, instead of just hearing the story about it.


Nordfjord is situated between the biggest glacier in mainland Europe and Norway’s wildest stretch of coast at Stad. This 150-km-long area from west to east, from ocean to glacier, offers lots of great and readily accessible scenic, cultural and culinary experiences. Everything you’re looking for in one fjord.