Port of Nordfjordeid


The Port of Nordfjordeid –  cruise destination centrally placed in Nordfjord.

  • The main attraction is Norway´s largest known vikingship, Myklebustskipet, located only 10 minutes walk from the Sea Walk. The ship is believed to date back to year 800 and has been reconstructed in full size using old building techniques performed by local craftsmen
  • Nordfjordeid is an attractive, cozy village inviting to the cruise-festival program CRUISE DAY every midday/afternoon when ships at port, including church concert at church of Eid at 4 pm. 
  • Nordfjordeid offers good shopping in "old town"- like pittoresque Eidsgata with small white wooden houses surrounded by nice park areas towards Eidselva (the river of Eid) and Eidsfjorden (the fjord of Nordfjord). Eid is the homeland of the fjord horse. You are guaranteed to meet this lovely, yellow-white ponylike horse from the fjordarea.
  • From Nordfjordeid you reach all the popular Nordfjord excursions; Briksdal glacier, Loen Skylift, Nordfjord Panorama etc., In addition you will have access to new interesting excursions to the coast of Nordfjord in Stad and Selje with amazing scenery.

    The people of Nordfjordeid is well known for hosting their own Opera House, their own very attractive Malakoff Rockfestival and are now eager to host a cruise destination. They are planning free WIFI for visitors in the area around Eidsgata.
  • Ship following an east-bound mooring procedure will heads in between the mooring buoys from west passing the outer buoy on starboard side of the ship, heading 111 deg when in moored position. Normally this requires minimum use of maneuvering power creating minimal wash from the bow thrusters or from the main engine. A line boat delivered from the port is required to assists the ship with connecting the mooring lines to the buoys.