Port of Nordfjordeid

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Illustration: Arkikon
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Illustration: Arkikon
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Norway’s largest viking ship and the story of King Audbjørg

The Saga Trail

Join us on a walk on real Viking ground. The Nordfjord region was one of the richest and most important areas in the Viking Age. This is where the action took place, where they lived and loved, had joys and sorrows, and returned to from their many journeys.

We start our walk directly from the Port of Nordfjordeid, and walk the 1,5 km long Saga Trail, and end up at Sagastad Viking Centre to see the main attraction – the Myklebust Viking Ship – the largest ever found in Norway. The ship belonged to King Audbjørn – the King of the Fjords. Get to know him in Sagastad.

The Myklebust ship was excavated from “Rundehågjen”, right in the middle of Nordfjordeid. There are also other Viking burial mounds which you will pass on the Saga Trail.

Length Saga Trail: 1,5 km.
Total walking distance: Approximately 2,5 km, flat terrain.
Total time spent (including all stops): 2,5 hrs.