Port of Nordfjordeid

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Illustration: Arkikon
Illustration: Nordplan
Illustration: Arkikon
Photo: Universitetsmuseet i Bergen
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Sagastad and the Myklebust Viking Ship

Norway’s largest Viking Ship, that has ever been found, is being reconstructed, based on the findings in the burial mound. The ship will be exhibited in Sagastad Visitor Centre, in Nordfjordeid, where the ship was found. Digital and physical exhibitions about the Vikings, the findings and boat building traditions. Changing exhibitions.

Located only 700 meters from Port of Nordfjordeid – a nice stroll along the fjord.

Time from departure

0Dep. Nordfjordeid
10 min.Arr. Sagastad Visitor Centre

A visit to the centre takes from 30 minutes to 1,5 hours, depending on your interest and how deep you want to dive into the Viking History.

Time spent: 1 hr – 2,5 hrs including the walk.
Distance from port: 700 meters.
Souvenir Shop and Cafe at Sagastad