Port of Nordfjordeid

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Photo: Norsk Fjordhestsenter
Photo: Norsk Fjordhestsenter
Photo: Norsk Fjordhestsenter
Photo: © SteinArt
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Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre

Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre, established in 1989 — is the national center for the native Norwegian horse breed: The Fjord Horse, and it is no accident that it is situated at Nordfjordeid, which has been named “The Mecca of the Fjord Horse” — an area with long fjord horse traditions.

Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre is the primary resource center dedicated to this particular breed. Important tasks is promotion, information and advice on all aspects related to the Fjord Horse. The center is also dedicated to development in new areas of usage, breaking and education, as well as to further the breeding of the Fjord Horse.

 During your visit to the horse center, the fjord horses will be thoroughly presented to you. You will get a tour of the center, you will be presented to the stallions, the females with their foals, you will get a historic presentation of the breed.

Meet the fjord horse – 1 hour with drinks
You get to meet the Fjord Horse and learn the story about one of the oldest breeds in the world. 
For everybody, capacity 90 persons.

Meet the fjord horse – 2 hours with activities and drinks
Includes a tour around the centre and the breeding station.
You will be invited to join and participate in caring for the horses, feed them and try short rides. A good activity for children who want a safe experience with our Fjord horses – and every other horse lover.
For everybody, max 25 persons per group.

Riding the Fjord Horse – 2, 25 hours with drinks
You can join our organised riding trip up to Vårsetra and Utsikten. Our guides are walking together with you and will help you if you need any assistance. For everybody able to sit in sadle. Min age 9 years.
Maximum 6 persons per group.


Time from departure

0Dep. Nordfjordeid
10 min.Visit Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre
Light Refreshments
1 h 10 min.Dep. Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre
1 h 20 min.Arr. Nordfjordeid

Capasity: Groups max 25 persons