Port of Nordfjordeid

Photo: Bjarte Haugen
Photo: Berge Myrene
Troll car to Briksdal Glacier

The magnificent Briksdal Glacier forms part of the Jostedal Glacier National Park, and plunges 1200 metres to the lush, narrow Briksdal valley below – a sight that attracts 300,000 visitors from all over the world each year.

Timing from departure

0Dep. Nordfjordeid
30 min.Arr. Nos viewpoint
45 min.Dep. Nos
1 h 45 min.Olden Lake (photo stop)
2 hArr. Briksdal
2 hDep. Troll Car
2 h 15 min

Arr. Briksdal Glacier
Easy walk to the glacier, approx. 800 metres on gravel   footpath.

3 hDep. with Troll car
3 h 15 minArr. Briksdal
Restaurant. Coffee/tea, cakes and souvenir shopping.
4 h

Dep. Briksdal
Return via Lake Hornindal

5 h 45 min.Arr. Nordfjordeid

Maximum pax: 84 in each group.