Port of Nordfjordeid

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Photo: Bjarte Haugen
Cruise Olden Lake

Enjoy a relaxing boat trip on the turquoise waters of Olden Lake aboard the M/B Olden.

Timing from departure

0Dep. Nordfjordeid
30 min.Arr. Nos viewpoint
45 min.Dep. Nos
1 h 45 min.Arr. Pier Eide – boat
2 h 45 min.

Arr. Pier Rustøen – bus
Return via Lake Hornindal

4 h 15 min.Arr. Nordfjordeid

Maximum number of pax: 90

One half of the group travels by bus to Rustøen. The other half travels by boat. At Rustøen they swap their mode of transport. The tour can be combined with a tour to Briksdal Glacier.