Port of Nordfjordeid

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A historic journey at the coast of Nordfjord

This half-day tour give you the highlights of the charming island of Vågsøy. We drive west to the coast of Nordfjord. We drive along the picturesque northern coast to Kråkenes. Walk up hill to the lighthouse follow by a guided tour of the inside of the lighthouse. We proceed further to visit the international war history information and visitor centre, the Måløy Raid Centre in the middle of Måløy fishing town.

Time from departure

0Dep. Nordfjordeid
45 min.Arr. Måløy
1 h 30 min.Arr. Kråkenes lighthouse
2 hDep. Kråkenes lighthouse
2 h 30 min. Arr. The Måløy Raid Centre
3 h 30 min.Dep. The Måløy Raid Centre
4 h 15 min.Arr. Nordfjordeid

Minimum number of pax: 10
Maximum number of pax: 45