Port of Nordfjordeid

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Photo: Erik Hermansson
Photo: Sergey Bogomyako
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Lodal Valley & Kjenndal Glacier

A boat trip on the emerald green waters of Loen Lake is a fine introduction to this valley’s awe-inspiring scenery and dramatic history.

Timing from departure

0Dep. Nordfjordeid
30 min.Arr. Nos viewpoint
45 min.Dep. Nos
1 h 45 min.Dep. MS Kjenndal II
2 h 45 min.Coffee/tea at Kjenndalstova
3h 30 min.Dep. Kjenndalstova
3h 45 min.Arr. Kjenndal Glacier

Dep. Kjenndal Glacier
Stop at the memorial ground
Return via Lake Hornindal

6h 15 min.

Arrive Nordfjordeid

Maximum pax: 90