Port of Nordfjordeid

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Nave deer farm

Visit a red deer farm and learn more about the deer and the other animals on the farm. You can watch the deer being feed, and if you want to get in close contact with the deers it is possible to go inside the fence.

In the barbeque hut at the base camp you will be served coffee and “svele” (Norwegian pancakes) the Norwegian way, fried on open fire, with strawberry jam and sour cream. You will also be served fried taste of deer and lama roast beef with potato salad, and fried fillets of trout with sour cream, onion and Norwegian.

Time from departure

0Dep. Port of Nordfjordeid
35 min.Arr. Nave Deer Farm
2 h 35 min. Dep. Nave Deer Farm
3 h 10 min.Arr. Port of Nordfjordeid

Easywalk – good shoes (400 m distance from the bus)
Capacity: 45 pax