Port of Nordfjordeid

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The Sagaparken and the Vikingparken

Visit Nordfjordeid’s nice parks. Both the Sagaparken, with its own beach at the fjord, and the Vikingparken at Rundehågjen, the Royal burial mound, are modern pleasant parks with lots of space for meditation, fun and relaxation..

The people of Eid love their fjord view, as in Sagaparken (named as the countryside’s answer to Barcelona because of its nice beach located close to the town center.  There you will find the old town and a modern shopping area,  along with cultural activities, restaurants and cafeterias).

The modern park has benches where you can relax and enjoy the fantastic view, play grounds for children, the excellent  beach is equipped with a barbeque area.

The official logo of NORDFJORD is a popular meeting point where selfies can be taken with the amazing Nordfjord as backdrop. Bring your camera, your loved ones, and secure your holiday’s best photos.

Nordfjordeid has become the place you don’t want to miss. Nordfjordeid is  the heart of the Nordfjord region. The Nordfjord region has it all in one fjord, it is just waiting for you to come.

Sagaparken is close to the Sagastad Centre, the Operahouse,  and the historic Eid church (1849).

The Vikingpark, close to the Rundehågjen, is a quiet restful spot in the town centre.
Here you can relax and feel the magic of the viking grave, imagine all the stories told by the people of Eid through years about the Viking Age and about the King of the Fjords whose body was burned in his ship here in 876. The question is; how is the people shaped by the nature, the culture and the history? Living among the high mountains, the fjord, the glacier and the rivers? The ancient history comes alive.  The viking history is like poetry, as is also  the local landscape.