Port of Nordfjordeid

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The Sagastad Centre opened in May 2019 and it presents a full-size replica of  Myklebustskipet,  along with a modern presentation of all the important Myklebust findings. Here you will find some of the world´s most spectacular treasures from the Viking Age.

The centre presents the story of the Viking Age by the fjord – Nordfjord.

Close by, the heritage/historical trail – Sagatrail starts. The tour takes you through Nordfjordeid’s cultural history which includes a stop at the Royal burial mound.

From start to finish the trail is approximately  1,5 km long and it covers a gentle walking terrain.

Using the QR-code access,  the heritage/historical trails website comes up and you will find a map of the trails with supplementary information and audio files.

About 300 meters from the Sagastad Centre, you will  find Rundehågjen, the burial mound where they found the burned ship/ viking grave from the late 800’s. There are in total 5 burial mounds with 11 graves in Nordfjordeid.  The graves can be tied directly to historical sources and named persons. The number of nails and the size of them that are found in the grave, tell us that this must have been the grave of the king of the Fjords, King Audbjørn, whose body was burned in his ship after a battle at Solskjel in the year 876. This is the largest known viking ship in Norway, and it measures more than 100 feet in length