Port of Nordfjordeid

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The Operahouse Nordfjord (Operahuset Nordfjord) is the second operahouse built in Norway. It was opened in 2009.

Why build an operahouse in a small town like Nordfjordeid ?
The 6000 inhabitants in the municipality of Eid are focused on the values of culture.
They strongly wanted a concert hall with good facilities for performing music.

What to do when you don`t have much money ?
You seek partnerships and contribute with voluntary work.
The Opera House is financed by national, regional and local funds. In addition, there are sponsorships, and numerous hours of voluntary work.

.In the past twenty years,  all the most appreciated operas have been performed here, such as La Boheme, Carmen, Eugene Onegin, La Traviata to mention some.

The Opera House has 534 seats in an amfi  theatre with perfect acoustics for music.
Focusing on culture has been successful,  and the opera company and the opera house are both highly appreciated by everyone in the small town today.

The Opera House is located only a five minute walk from the church (Eid Kyrkje).