Port of Nordfjordeid

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Eid Kyrkje

The church in Eid (Eid Kyrkje) is a majestic wooden church,  dating back to the year 1849. You will find the church opposite the Sagastad Centre, and it is located close to the Eidsgata.

The church was originally built for 900 persons. Today´s capacity is 750 persons.
The church has beautiful and rare carvings and Norwegian rose paintings in vibrant colours.  The artwork was created by Mr. Kinsarvik in 1915, and the work is strongly national-romantic in style..

When on a Cruise Day in Nordfjordeid, we invite you to a concert in the church at 4pm.

The church is known for its wonderful acoustics.
The municipality of Eid is known for its wide range of talented musicians.
These two attractions will contribute to your peaceful enjoyment of the church.
The church is open for visitors every day.