Port of Nordfjordeid

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Kulturhuset Gamlebanken

Located in the old street Eidsgata, you will find the beautiful Kulturhuset Gamlebanken.

It was at one time the bank of Nordfjord (Nordfjord Sparebank) and dating back to the year 1881. At present, it is a house full of exciting activities, such as an art exhibit, pop-up concerts, the Malakoff Rock Festival shop, tourist information, and a cozy bar.

The art exhibit includes the visual arts, photos, glass art and crafts.
You may find an item to be a precious memory of your fjord cruise right here in the old street of Eid (Eidsgata). Perhaps it will be an art piece from the collection in the Kulturhuset Gamlebanken?

The building is an old wood constructed building. It is known for its good acoustics. Over the years there have been countless memorable concerts featuring a variety of music, such as rock, classical, and opera. Perhaps there will be a pop-up concert when you are visiting ?

Here you will find the touristinformation.