Port of Nordfjordeid

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Norsk Fjordhestsenter

Norwegian Fjord Horse Center – the national center for the native Norwegian horse. The Fjord Horse – a native icon.

The Norwegian fjord horse is a Norwegian breed with deep roots in the Nordfjord region and the western part of Norway.  The horse is one of the world’s oldest horse breeds, and it has many unique features such as the dark stripe along the horse’s mane.

You may run into the fjord horse in the Eidsgata shopping area to just say “hello”, or to take a photo. You may see the fjord horse pulling carriages, for a guided tour and to attend a presentation at the horse center.   You  may even take a horseback ride along the beautiful bridle paths which provide an amazing view of our town centre.

You will meet the stallions, and the mares with their foals. You will get a historical presentation of the breed, and there will be riding performances including Hungarian Post riding.

We are confident that you will fall in love with the fjord horse as thousands have done before you.  And, you will leave the fjord horse with the memory of a proud and beautiful animal in its native environment.