Port of Nordfjordeid

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The Volva Walk

Photo: SteinArt THE VOLVA WALK Old City Centre “Tverrgata” (The old Sea Road) START:You can walk from the port. Follow the horse shoe prints to the old main street Eidsgata. Half way and in the heart of the street you will see a coffee shop with a tower above the entrance. Here you can make … Read more

Sagastad and the Myklebust Viking Ship

Illustration: ArkikonIllustration: NordplanIllustration: ArkikonPhoto: Universitetsmuseet i Bergen Sagastad and the Myklebust Viking Ship Norway’s largest Viking Ship, that has ever been found, is being reconstructed, based on the findings in the burial mound. The ship will be exhibited in Sagastad Visitor Centre, in Nordfjordeid, where the ship was found. Digital and physical exhibitions about the … Read more

The Saga-walk

Illustration: ArkikonIllustration: NordplanIllustration: Arkikon Norway’s largest viking ship and the story of King Audbjørg The Saga Trail Join us on a walk on real Viking ground. The Nordfjord region was one of the richest and most important areas in the Viking Age. This is where the action took place, where they lived and loved, had … Read more