Port of Nordfjordeid

Sagastad and the Saga road to Bjørkedalen

The excursion starts with the Sagastad Viking Centre.
Get to know the largest vikingship known in Norway, more than 30 meters long and the modern exhibition showing the interesting story of the viking kings living at Nordfjordeid more than 1000 years ago.

Follow the narrow road in Hjelmelandsdalen in unspoiled nature to Bjørkedalen. Stop for fotoshoots at the summer farms, listen to the waterfalls and enjoy the grand views on the road towards Bjørkedalen. There will be a stop with snack at the lake of Bjørkedalen. Sagahosts will welcome you to learn more about the 1000 year tradition of building boats from the special timber in the valley. You may even try to row one of the vikingships. Return to Nordfjordeid by E39.

Duration: 3 – 3,5 hours.
Easy walk from the minibus.
Maximum pax: 16 pax